Association: The University Club for UNESCO
President: Kosta Živanović
Location: 43, Vojvode Mišića Boulevard, Belgrade, The Republic of Serbia

Association’s memberships: The World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations; The European Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations.

The University Club for UNESCO is a voluntary, non-profit association, founded in 2013 in order to achieve UNESCO goals from its program and directive.
The Club was founded by students from Belgrade, Serbia.

In addition, University Club for UNESCO entered into cooperation with The UNESCO Club Sorbonne and The Alumnus Club for UNESCO.

Our Club is engaged in global issues which have an effect on the lives of the local community. Our mission is to accomplish activities in the field of education, culture, science in order to gather every young person and institution that is in accordance with ideas of UNESCO. The association seeks to achieve its goals: monitor and celebrate all the international days of The World and The European Federation of UNESCO Clubs, cooperate with UNESCO Clubs around the world, organize festivals, lectures, seminars, workshops as well as sport, cultural, education and scientific events.
By achieving the above-mentioned, the Club contributes to creating a positive climate of social development by expanding the idea of UNESCO with a crucial role of educating citizens, as well as making impact on improving the life quality of present and future generations.

University Club for UNESCO - Univerzitetski UNESKO Klub

Bulevar vojvode Misića 43, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia


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